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Why Wooden Spoons?

Whether you call it a spoon, a spatula, a paddle, or a stick, wooden cooking utensils have been around for centuries.  I knew there had to be a reason why we still love using a seemingly old-fashioned instrument, and I found several!  While we specialize in laser engraving fun, clever sayings on them, the actual utensil itself is very practical!

So here are some FUN FACTS about Wooden Spoons:

  • They don't conduct heat!  Cooking with metal spoons can be quite painful due to the heat, and plastic ones can begin to melt, but you can use a wooden utensil without fear of burning your sweet fingers.

  • Wooden spoons are gentle and won't scratch your cooking surfaces.  They are safe to use on your pricy copper pots as well as your delicate non-stick pans.  

  • Wooden utensils are better for the environment.  Our spoons/spatulas are made of beechwood, which is considered a sustainable and renewal resource.

  • They are strong!  Wonder why mom always grabbed a wooden spoon for your butt?  Their sturdiness can make stirring thick caramels, soups, and sauces easier and more effective without worrying about the handle breaking.

  • Wooden spoons are non-reactive, meaning that they won't react badly with your food like plastics and nylon, and sometimes even metal can.  

  • They are naturally anti-bacterial!  I know - I had a hard time believing this one, but it turns out that bacteria and germs simply don't like wood!  (But you should still wash and oil them regularly!)

  • They just feel nice to use.  The ergonomic feel in the hand makes you feel more competent and chef-like - dare you to try it!

  • Quite simply, they are beautiful, especially our Sassy Chikkin spoons!  Our spoons are not only made of sturdy and beautiful wood, but our precision laser engraving can produce lovely, intricate designs, as well as funny and unique sayings that you won't find anywhere else!

In case you actually read this and want more, here are some sources: 




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